About company

For many years «Minsk dairy plant number 1» produces dairy products from natural cow's milk and remains the leader of the dairy industry of the Republic of Belarus.                                                                                 

  1. 1929

    Since that time begins the history of the plant. By the end of 1929 was released the first products: sour- milk, kefir, milk.

  2. 1940

    The factory  has already produced  11 700 tons of whole milk production, 46 tons of butter, 280 tons of ice cream in  a year.

  3. 1953

    New engineering buildings were built, new equipment was established. The production capacity of milk processing increased to  the 75 tons of milk per day.

  4. 1974

    There was a technical re-equipment of the plant. By this time the production capacity has already amounted to 230 tons of whole milk production per day.

  5. 1994

    The company is working on a new production site on the Soltysa street.  The processing capacity of milk is 320 tons per day.

  6. 2004

    The company returned to its previous name – "City dairy plant No 1".

  7. 2008

    Joining the Communal Industrial Unitary Enterprise (CIUP) "Gormolzavod № 3", which allowed to create a single technological process on the squares of both companies, which are located next to.

  8. 2009

    Started the production of cheese products and soft cheese by ultrafiltration under the trademark « Venskij Zavtrak » and cheese «Feta», which quality is not inferior to foreign analogues.

  9. 2010

    Production of yogurt «Ya Vkusnyj» in the sectional pack of 4 pieces. 

  10. 2012

    Made the reconstruction of the packing department of  baby food with the increase in production capacity for 40 tons.

  11. 2013

    The enterprise Municipal Unitary Enterprise «City dairy plant No 1» was renamed into JSC «Minsk Dairy Plant No 1».

  12. 2014

    The line for concentrating curd whey with a capacity of 400 tons per day was launched.

  13. 2015

    The Italian line SACMI was launched. Now on this line the release of sour cream under the trademarks «Slavyanskie Tradici» and «Minskaya Marka» is established.

  14. 2016

    The company has  produced a truly impressive novelty – Curd with rod filler cherry, raspberry and cream, which is loved by many residents of the Republic of Belarus and abroad.

  15. 2017

    For the first time milk and kefir came off the assembly line in a new package - a PET bottle .

  16. 2018

    "Minskaya marka" rebranding - your favourite milk products has changed its logo and product line appearance. Precious hare "Depi" has appeared in a new form - cartoon, interactive and funny. In addition, the enterprise produced yogurt for sportsmen and simply for snacking. It contains 21 gramms of protein and rich in useful ingredients. 

  17. 2019

    In the Republic of Tajikistan was signed an agreement about creation a joint belarusian-tajik enterprise "Vatan".

More than 85 years on the market

The company's investment strategy is aimed at renewal of equipment, use new methods of processing raw materials, resource-saving technologies and automation  process control to improve the quality of products. This ensures consistently high quality and safety of food products produced at the enterprise and production of natural dairy products with long shelf life without the use of preservatives.


Every day we process over 900 tons of milk

The production capacity of the enterprise allows to process over 900 tons of milk per day and product range is able to satisfy the most demanding and discerning customers. Today the product range includes over 250 products. The company produces not only traditional dairy products – yogurt, cheese, milk, sour cream, oil but has a greater range of desserts (yogurt, jelly, pudding, pasta). The company has a separate workshop in production of children's dairy products, which produces milk and yogurt for the babies aged eight months, as well as yogurt for preschool and school children. A special place in assortment is occupied, of course chocolate glazed curd, the production of which was first started in Belarus at our plant.


More than 250 products list

Minsk dairy plant No 1 pays great attention to the availability and wide representativity of its products in the retail trading. Production achieve a strong position in the markets of Belarus and Russia. Production supplied to Georgia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, Kazakhstan, China and other countries.


40 percent of products are exported to countries near and far abroad

Minsk dairy plant No 1 became the first Belarusian company mastered the production of cheese "Feta", and dessert products produced on the basis of cheese by ultrafiltration under the trademark «Venskij Zavtrak». The line of these original and soulful delicacies is created taking into account various requests of consumers and includes three types of curd products.

Today there are 7 brands in the company's portfolio, among which every buyer will find something to his taste:

Although time and technologies and approaches to business change, only strict requirements for the quality of products and careful attitude to traditional recipes remain. In each product, we preserve health propertiesof natural milk and give a piece of soul and heat, invested by our employees.

Quality policy

Quality policy of the enterprise Minsk dairy plant No 1 is confirmed by certificates of international standard STB ISO 9001, STB ISO 22000, NASSR , as well as the accreditation certificate of the production laboratory of STB ISO/IEC 17025.




Minsk dairy plant No 1 is a multiple winner of national and international competitions and exhibitions, such as Prodexpo, Agrorus, Choice of the Year, Brand of the Year, People's Brand and others. Government Prize of the Republic of Belarus, Brand of the Year, Agrorus, Best goods of Republic of Belarus.




An important success factor of our enterprise is well-organized and conscientious work of the whole team. We value the contribution of each employee to the achievement of the set goals, provide the comfortable working environment and opportunity for professional growth of employees.