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Kefir 2,5% 0,9 L

Kefir 2,5% 0,9 L

Kefir "Minskaya Marka" is produced from natural cow's milk of high quality with the using of sourdough, which is prepared on “ living” kefiric fungi. Kefir provides a supportive environment for stomach and bowel activity, which prevent chronic-fatigue build and aging body.

Category Fermented milk products
Trademark Minskaya marka
Weight 900 ml
Weight 0,9 кг
Packaging Purepack
Shelf life 14 days
Number of units per package 12 pieces

Nutritional value of 100 g of product:

Proteins 2,9 g
Fat 2,5 g
Carbohydrate 3,9 g
Energy 210 KJ (50 kcal)