Molodechno Dairy Plant, OJSC

Molodechno Dairy Plant OJSC is one of the largest enterprises of the dairy processing industry. The products of this plant are known not only in Belarus, but also far beyond because of 100% natural and unique taste.
During the shift, the plant processes 755 tons of milk, producing 160 tons of whole-milk products, 2 tons of soft cheeses, 10 tons of butter, 10 tons of hard and semi-hard cheeses, 0.6 tons of casein and 15 tons of dried milk products.
Food products under the brand “Molodeya” are represented in large retail chains of Belarus, and are also exported to Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, Germany, Poland. In 2018 the geography of supply was expanded. Today, products of Molodechno Dairy Plant are sold in such countries as China, Japan, Ukraine, Azerbaijan. New sales markets are being worked out: Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Syria.
The plant produces more than 80 kinds of products under the trademark "Molodeya", including more than 20 types of cheeses. The best innovative products of the plant are Mozzarella and Rokforti. Belarusian cheese "Mozzarella" is not inferior to Italian cheese in terms of taste. This cheese is produced on Italian equipment using Italian technology.
Today Molodechno Dairy Plant is the only enterprise of Belarus that produces “gently born” cheese “Rokforti”, belonging to the elite class. The technology of production of this cheese was developed together with the staff of the Institute of meat and dairy industry of the Scientific and Practical Center for Food of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Worthy import substitution!
The technological line for the production of cheese from the supplier company «Birch-Laska» was put into production at Molodechno Dairy Plant. If earlier the enterprise produced 1 ton of such cheese per shift, then with the commissioning of the new line, the capacity increased fivefold. The peculiarity and uniqueness of this line is the production of cheese in the form of a head weighing up to 1.5 kg, which does not require packing.
All products are made only from high-quality raw materials without the use of chemicals and flavorings. Also in the production of cheeses are not used vegetable fats and stabilizers. The company receives its impeccable taste and quality thanks to the unconditional implementation of technology.
The quality of the plant’s products has been repeatedly awarded with medals and diplomas at international and republican competitions such as “Product of the Year”, “Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus”, “Cheese Festival”, “Champion of Taste”, “Prodexpo”, “Interfood”, etc.
In total, Molodechno Dairy Plant has 15 Grand Prix for stable quality, 85 diplomas, 30 gold and 10 silver medals. And this list is updated annually.

History of creation

The history of the creation and development of Molodechno Dairy Plant OJSC dates back to 1945, when the Molodechno City Dairy Plant was founded. The capacity of the enterprise was 40 tons of milk processing per shift.
In 1971, the company put into operation the factory buildings with a cheese-making shop in a newly constructed building. The capacity of the plant was already 60 tons of milk processing per shift. Since 1991, the company has been packing products in plastic bags "Fin-pack." In 1995, a line for the production of chocolate-glazed curd bars with a capacity of 1.5 tons per shift was put into operation. In 2000, automatic milk filling machines were installed in the “Pure-pack” package. In the same year, the production of «live» yoghurts with fruit filling was mastered.
In 2005, the line for the production of technical casein was put into operation. Casein production is due to the need to process skim milk directly at the plant, in order to reduce the cost of processing raw materials and more fully processing dairy raw materials, as well as reducing the shipment of raw materials to other enterprises.